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About Transport

Transport Facility

The school transport is crucial in supporting the education system by facilitating the attendance of students and ensuring their safety during the commute to and from school.

Purpose: The primary purpose of school transport is to provide a safe and convenient means of commuting for students who live too far from the school to walk or cycle. It ensures that students can attend school regularly and punctually.

Safety Measures: Safety is a top priority in school transport. School buses, for example, are equipped with safety features such as flashing lights, stop signs, and high seat backs. Drivers are usually trained to follow strict safety protocols.

Emergency Preparedness: School transport systems usually have plans in place for emergencies, such as breakdowns, accidents, or unexpected route changes. Communication protocols and contingency plans are established to address such situations.

Routes and Schedules: School transport follows predefined routes and schedules to pick up and drop off students at designated locations. These routes are often planned to be efficient and cover areas with a concentration of students.