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Rules & Regulations of RPS, Jhalawar

Expected Behavior from the Students:

Follow teachers’ instructions.

Approach the teacher to clear doubts.

Speak softly and politely.

Avoid shouting in the corridors or on staircases.

Cooperate with others.

Work without distracting others.

Move quietly in an orderly manner.

Avoid running or playing in the corridors or on staircases.

Show tolerance towards others.

Follow safety rules in the school at all times.

Hear carefully for the instructions at the time of emergency.

Consider appropriate strategies when dealing with problems.

Approach a teacher when faced with conflicts.

Ensure that the school property is used appropriately.

Respect the property of others.

Play within the specified boundaries.

Follow the instructions given by the teachers.

Mobiles are strictly prohibited in school premises.

Treat others with respect without any physical/verbal aggression.

Junk food is not allowed, school believe in plastic free environment.