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Vision, Mission and Core Values


Evolution of Roopnagar Public school into a world class children’s university producing finest school graduates to serve & lead the advanced society of tomorrow.


We will passionately work in helping children:

To instill in students the ability & conviction to realize their full potential & excel anywhere in the world.

To become lifelong learners, gain knowledge & to be in control of their lives at all time.

To have a sense of pride in our rich cultural heritage, ancient wisdom & value system.

To develop ability to think early & act rightly.

To develop self-reliance team spirit, leadership quality & communication skills & cause all round development of personality.

To promote a culture of excellence throughout the school.

Motto – A place for growing minds.

Our Belief

We Believe

That every student has a unique learning style.

In using a variety of student-centered teaching and assessment techniques to build on each students’ learning style.

That our students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, using high order thinking and problem-solving techniques.

In preparing students to become well-rounded young people, ready to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world.

In professional development which leads to life-long learning.

In parents as partners in improving students’ learning.

That the health and safety of our students is the responsibility of all stakeholders.

That our students should develop an appreciation, tolerance, compassion and respect for the rights and cultures of all people.

That the multi-cultural diversity of our students is an asset.