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Multimodal Learning


At LEAD, we have curated a grade-based, skill-building curriculum. We, at LEAD teach concepts using multiple approaches that are fitting to every type of student irrespective of their learning style

ELGA (English Language and General Awareness) is a trademark English curriculum of LEAD. The program focuses on five major components of English language skills: phonics, whole words, reading and listening comprehension, grammar, and writing and speaking expression. Students at LEAD powered schools learn to speak, write and read English fluently 1.5 times faster than others.

Sampoorna Hindi is a carefully crafted unique program that entails a unique framework covering five important aspects of language skills:



Listening comprehension

Reading comprehension

Speaking and writing expression

With this program, we bring the unique way of teaching languages as skill, rather than as a subject, to Hindi. We are committed to bringing innovation at the core of the education system – the schools.

Driving excellent learning outcomes for every child

Equipping every school to deliver international standard education

Enabling unmatched exposure opportunities via exclusive platforms