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Fee Guideliines

General Instructions for Fee:

The cheque should be payable at any branch of Jhalawar and should be payable in favor of “ROOPNAGAR PUBLIC SCHOOL”. If cheque is returned or bounced then the Cheque return charges will be chargeable. Please mark the name, class and section on the back of the cheque.

It is mandatory that school fee is to be paid quarterly up to 15th April, 15th July, 15th October and 15th January. Late fees will be chargeable after the due date. If delayed for some kind of reason, then write an application by citing the reason for delay and suggest a date for payment of pending fees. If an application is received, late fee will be charged only after the date suggested for payment is over. In absence of both, late fee of Rs.10/- per day will be charged which will not be changed under any circumstances.

Fee deposition must be within initial 15 days of the new quarter. After that, late fee of ₹10 per day will be charged. Charged late fee will be used for funding on the education of financially needy students at some other institution or for any other social cause. Students appearing for Board examinations i.e. X & XII should clear their fee dues positively by the month of January.