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Mr. Pushpendra Agrawal

B-Tech (IIT-Mumbai) | MBA (USA)

A child starting school in to 2017 will be retiring in 2077. Nobody has a clue what world look like in 5 years’ time and yet we are meant to be educating them for it.

-Sir Keneth Robinson 2006

This is “knowledge age” in which knowledge and ideas are main source of economic growth (more important than money, resources etc.). Technological innovations are continuing to rapidly change the world around us. There is information overload and the amount of information in world is doubling every year. Our current world and inevitable & uncertain changes in future call for education to equip every student with appropriate set of skills. Academic skills such as mastery of science, Math, English, reading is necessary but not sufficient.

Our children increasingly need to be able to develop ideas, solve problems empathize with others; they also need to have resilience and adaptability to continue to learn and master new skills. I think indeed these non-academic skills are among the most important skills of all as they can help to both drives better academic out comes in school and prepare children to thrive and prosper in changing world.

We at RPS focus on following creativity, communication skills, problem solving, adaptability and more importantly want to train our students in ‘’the art and process and learning’’ so that they can deal with change and learn new skill quickly.

The other big challenge Society is facing is rapid decline of moral values. We at RPS also believe that education without values, as useful as it is, seems, to make a man cleverer devil.

The issues of making moral & ethical decision are significant in these new times of rapid social, cultural, political & technological change. School students need to be guided into making moral & ethical choices. We strongly emphasize building of character through teaching & practicing sound moral values & cultural values.

We strive to produce a force of creative, flexible, adaptive, quick learners with strong character based on sound cultural & more values